About Us

About us

Dr. Tetyana Metyk is Board Certified physician in Internal Medicine. She graduated medical school with Honors and joined Internal Medicine Residency in Orlando, Fl, at ORMC hospital. She was trained as a Hospitalist with an accent to treat severe and urgent medical problems which required hospital admissions.

After residency, Dr. Tetyana Metyk joined her husband, podiatrist Dr. Michael Metyk and they practice together at Port Charlotte, FL.

Throughout the years of private practice, Dr. Metyk developed a particular interest in skin procedures, varicose veins treatments in lower extremities, aesthetic treatments, weight loss, PRP for skin rejuvenation, joints pain, and hair restoration. In our office, eligible patients can learn about medical marijuana certification and receive assistance with it.

We are proud to have state of the art medical laboratory with the latest technology and continue maintaining FL state certification with an exceptional score.
We know You by Your first name and assist you in any way possible.
Come and join our South West Family.

Looking For More Than Just A Primary Care Doctor?

Are you tired of the large corporate medical practices that have taken over Port Charlotte and make you feel more like a number? You have come to the right place; I take primary care and internal medicine on a first-name basis. Whether you or a loved one need medical attention or simply a primary care doctor, make sure you consider all the talents required to excel in the medical practice in the 21st century.

I am passionate about helping my patients improve the quality of their lives by providing the most preventive healthcare possible. In my internal medicine practice, you will receive personalized care, including comprehensive primary care, as well as access to in-house lab work, weight loss, and aesthetics.

My practice philosophy is simple to make my patients healthy, happy, and beautiful. After completing my Medical Degree, I studied internal medicine at Orlando Regional Medical Center and maintained Board Certification in Internal Medicine. In most recent years, I developed a particular interest in treating obesity and aesthetic medicine.

My training enables my medical team and me to treat all medical conditions from the most simple to complex all in my Clinic, often avoiding a hospital visit. We also provide telemedicine appointments and assist patients with same-day urgent appointments. I am Board Certified in Internal Medicine and on staff at Fawcett hospital located in Port Charlotte, Florida.

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