Reitha Butson is a retired nurse, so she knows all too well the potential consequences of being overweight. Nevertheless, the Illinois native has struggled for years to keep her own weight in check, never quite obtaining the desired results in weight loss, she sought through the use of traditional diet programs and weight loss products.

“Through the years, I tried pills and popular diet plans and would lose some weight, but it seemed to come back on very quickly,” she confirms.

“What’s more, I’d be on those diets for months and only lose a little weight, maybe ten or fifteen pounds. My weight became a health problem. I have a degenerative joint disease and had a knee replacement. The extra weight bothered my knees, and my back and recent lab work showed my thyroid was a little sluggish.” — Reitha Butson

Lab work also showed that in recent years Reitha’s blood-sugar levels had begun to creep up as well. Fortunately, they have not yet reached the pre-diabetes level, but “as a nurse, I knew I needed to get a handle on these things,” Reitha states.

“I was quickly approaching two hundred pounds, and I was really getting anxious about my weight. I just turned sixty-eight, and I realized that at my age, I had to get some of the weight loss. I knew if I took it on, I would feel better.” — Reitha Butson

Reitha shared her concerns with her primary care physician, internist Tetyana Metyk, MD, at Medic Infusion in Port Charlotte. The physician agreed that Reitha needed to lose weight to increase her joint mobility and safeguard her overall health. Dr. Tetyana Metyk told Reitha about a medically supervised weight-loss program offered through her practice.

“Our weight-loss program involves following a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate diet supplemented with daily, painless injections of human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, a hormone manufactured by the human body,” describes Dr. Tetyana Metyk.

“The program cycle lasts for twenty-three or forty-six days, depending on how the patient progresses. This program generally produces dramatic weight loss. Many patients lose an average of up to a pound a day. By the end of the twenty-three- or forty-six-day cycle, it is not unusual to see patients lose thirty to fifty pounds. I carefully manage the patient’s health throughout the course of the program.” —Dr. Tetyana Metyk

“It was a low-calorie diet, but as long as I did the injections, I didn’t really get hungry,” reports Reitha.

“Sometimes, I had to remind myself to eat. The diet is pretty simple. I ate regular food, but my choices were limited. I could eat fish, chicken, green vegetables, shrimp and lobster, and a salad of course. It was easy to prepare meals ahead of time.

Dr. Metyk recommended limited exercise. She said to do about fifteen minutes a day of moderate activity. I mostly got in the pool and did a few exercises in the water. The first three days on the diet, I lost four pounds. I lost three-quarters of a pound to one pound every day after that.

Energizing Weight loss Advantages

As people age, their metabolism slows down. They simply don’t burn as many calories from food as efficiently as they did when they were younger, observes Dr. Tetyana Metyk.

“Teenagers can eat multiple slices of apple pie and not gain weight, but people in their forties and fifties gain weight just looking at the pie,” she remarks.

That’s because their metabolisms are slower. Metabolism involves all the processes that occur inside the body to keep it functioning.

“HCG has a few fundamental effects on the body. For one thing, it naturally increases metabolism when used with a low-calorie diet. When a person is consuming fewer calories to generate energy, HCG prompts the body to use its stored fat to get the energy for its daily repairs and activity, thus energizing metabolism.” —Dr. Tetyana Metyk

The second effect of HCG is it greatly reduces cravings for food. Instead of feeling hungry, people on the Medic Infusion program are able to eat a sensible diet and feel full. As a result, they consume fewer calories and lose weight.

“As part of our program, we implement nutritional counseling with our patients,” stresses Dr. Metyk.

“We review guidelines for appropriate, healthy diets and help them create eating plans using fresh foods.” —Dr. Tetyana Metyk

There are other advantages to using HCG in Medic Infusion’s medically supervised weight-loss program. HCG also creates a leaner, fitter appearance by building additional muscle. This helps patients keep the weight off after the HCG is stopped because muscle is a potent calorie burner.

“Further, many patients report that their various health ailments improve after being on the program,” informs Dr. Metyk. “They tell me their arthritis feels better, they’re no longer fatigued and have more energy. Once people with knee, hip, or back pain lose the extra pounds, their joints feel and move much better.

“I’ve even had some patients who were feeling a little depressed say their moods improved after being on the program.  at is oftentimes the result of weight loss, as well as increased muscle tone and energy.” — Dr. Tetyana Metyk

People on the Medic Infusion weight loss program can continue to lose weight after their 23 or 46 days are up if they maintain a sensible diet and engage in some exercise, reports Dr. Metyk.

“As part of our comprehensive weight-loss program, we recommend patients continue to exercise after their cycle is completed. Before they began the program, many patients felt fatigued and did not have the energy or desire to exercise because of their weight. Afterward, however, they regain that desire because they feel so much better.” — Dr. Tetyana Metyk

Maintaining Success

After completing her 46 days on the Medic Infusion weight-loss program, Reitha entered the maintenance phase. She continues eating a sensible diet and getting daily physical activity, either exercising in her pool or riding her bike. She was inspired to continue because of the excellent results she achieved through the program.

“I lost more than thirty pounds, and I’m still working on it,” she enthuses.

“I’d like to lose another twenty, but even now I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t worn in years, which makes me feel good. And I’m more energetic. I feel like there’s been a change in my body. It seems like I burn calories differently than I did before.”

“I feel a lot better. When I walk now, I don’t get out of breath like I used to, and my joints feel much better without so much weight on them. Next month, I’m due to get all my lab work, and I’m con dent my cholesterol and sugar levels will have improved because thirty pounds is a good amount of weight loss.” — Reitha Butson

Reitha relates that she has already recommended Medic Infusion and Dr. Metyk to many of her friends and family and that some of them have started seeing the experienced and caring internist.

“Dr. Metyk spends time with her patients,” says Reitha. “It’s not like she’s rushed. She makes you feel like her time is your time while she’s there with you. And she actually sits down and looks at you and listens to what you have to say.” Reports Reitha.

“I recommend Medic Infusion’s medically supervised weight-loss program, especially for people who have tried everything else because this program works!” — Reitha Butson

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