Phentermine Reviews and Rating as a Weight loss Treatment | Know It

Phentermine Reviews and Rating as a Weight loss Treatment | Know It


Obesity is known to be one of the highly dominant disorders in the whole world, particularly in developed countries, for instance, in the United States. 36% of the population of the United States is rated to be obese. Most of the health experts in the United States are involved in the treatment of patients who are obese as they are quite well familiar with its outcomes. Phentermine Reviews are discussed in this blog.

Weight loss phentermine is the most widely used anti-obesity medication in the whole world. In the early times in 1959, when weight loss phentermine was authorized for use, the chronic nature of obesity was not fully evident.

It is researched that most doctors prescribe weight loss phentermine for up to 12 weeks of the period. A few reports suggested that Phentermine was helpful in long-term use. Phentermine reviews showed that it is available as an inexpensive generic medication under a few brand names.

According to certain new phentermine reviews by the health professionals in San Diego, a low and controlled dose of Phentermine in combination with topiramate helped in weight reduction and the generation of further metabolic benefits in overweight patients.

According to a survey of phentermine review, an obese patient confessed that the Phentermine (Adipex-P) helped in the reduction of sugar cravings, and the medication further helped to adjust for the treatment quickly.

Phentermine reviews as a weight-loss treatment

Most overweight patients who begin to undertake phentermine treatment indicated that the medication helped them lose up to 10 lbs. They further quoted that they lost their appetite and were urged to eat. Many smokers cut down their smoking as well, which made them very content. Though, one of the consequences was thirst. A few of the patients mentioned that they felt like they could drink gallons of water.

Some of the patients complained about sleeplessness and mild discomfort of constipation. Most of the patients enthusiastically described how energized they felt during the first week of medication.

Still, phentermine weight loss is a slow process treatment. The medication cannot work effectively alone. It must be supported by regular exercise, a prescribed diet, and the consumption of calories.

How is Phentermine rated along with other medications?–Phentermine Reviews

Different treatments to lose weight include transformations in lifestyle, bariatric surgery, and medication, etc. Transformation in lifestyle could be done through a reduction in consumption of calories intake, exercise, and motivation to keep going.

Bariatric surgery can be effective weight loss alternative, but it has various limitations involving lifelong medical monitoring. These patients can still regain weight over the course of time. Not forgetting to mention the rate of fatality in this kind of surgery is high, and this process may impact the wound healing process.

Medication was a rare substitute in the past, but now it has the highest rating in treatment for an obese and overweight person. Weight loss phentermine medication has proved itself the best treatment out of all above mentioned.

Phentermine, or the combination of Phentermine and topiramate (commonly known as Qsymia), has enhanced the medication treatment substitutes at a large scale.

Why is the rating of phentermine medication better as compared to other treatments? – Phentermine Reviews

Weight loss phentermine is a better-rated treatment as compared to other treatments. It yields evident and obvious weight loss with oral ingestion of tablets or capsules. It does not require adhering to long-term treatment. This treatment does not involve the use of a needle or a great deal of shift in one’s lifestyle.

When combined with topiramate, Phentermine demonstrates weight loss following an effective mechanism to treat obesity when used as combination therapy. The combination therapy involves lower doses of both the agents, Phentermine and topiramate but results in more fantastic feedback.

Phentermine Reviews by a US citizen – Sarah

An obese patient Sarah from the United States, documented her weight loss phentermine experience journey in a blog. She started phentermine medication when she was weighing 168.3 lbs. Her health specialist told her that she should weigh around 130 lbs. to 140 lbs. She worked 60 hours a week and wasn’t taking a healthy diet.

During the first week of her medication, she lost about 4 lbs. She cut out all soft drinks and hard drinks but took plenty of water. She mentioned that she took proper care of her recommended diet, workout, and regular exercise.

During the second week, she gained 1 lb. While narrating her experience, she said that she had no fluctuations in heart rate or any jittery feeling. The only side effect she suffered was the dryness of the mouth. It was widely said that constipation is one of the adverse effects that one encounters during phentermine usage. But Sarah mentioned that she didn’t encounter this issue because she took the proper percentage of fibers in her diet plan.

To complete the intake of her level of calories, Sarah ate protein bars, string cheese, carrots, and a decent dinner. She particularly mentioned that she had no cravings or was urged to eat any food. She eliminated caffeine from her diet and replaced it with decaf coffee.

Sarah stressed the point that weight loss phentermine does not do wonders. One has to stick with the diet plan and particularly exercise. It does not work if the patient is on medication and indulges in a lot of calories because he will gain back all the weight he lost.

After completing her time, Sarah proudly said that she had reduced her weight to 136 lbs. and is living a happy and healthy life.


When used adjacent to lifestyle modifications, the medications approved for obesity and overweight treatments lead to a wonderful means of weight loss.

Phentermine offers a medical model for overcoming obesity and overweight by recommending a more positive and effective medical substitute to round off lifestyle and surgical options. This medication treatment can then further be utilized to emphasize the health of individuals and overcome obesity complications.

The reviews, ratings, and clinical trial data from various surveys indicated the reflection of the efficacy of phentermine drug together with lifestyle therapy because health specialists considered healthy lifestyle modifications a must-do along with consideration of Phentermine to accomplish optimal results.

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